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I’m Jennelle Gordon


Jennelle Gordon is an inspiration for people as a holistic healer, intimacy coach, leader, speaker, and educator. She studied tantra and yoga extensively with masters in Thailand after leaving her traumatic past behind for a brighter future. 

After a life changing teacher training with Sri Dharma Mittra she was hungry for more healing. So she began her path to becoming a holistic health coach. The first step she took led her into a program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. After this she trained with Summit Banerjee Bikram’s nephew. Leaving her traffickers for good she escaped to Thailand to study Tantra at Agama Yoga for a year, this ultimately helped her heal from the sexual trauma she experienced during her captivity.

Tantra led her to turn her feminine energy into an exotic dance journey of connection, healing, and liberation. This became the Dance OM, another channel that helped her heal. Everything Jennelle has learned, from yoga to holistic health to Tantra to Dance OM, became the building blocks for The O Factors. After returning to the United States, Jennelle received her Reiki Masters certification while attending college to obtain her degree in Advertising. 

Her online momentum through social media, caught the attention of world renowned practical psychologist and motivational speaker, Tony Robbins. She was then flown to a retreat where they met and discussed how he could help her organization. This surge of support coupled with her overall experience at the retreat, inspired her creation of a holistic system of spiritual and sensual empowerment whereby she merges all her passions and teachings into one powerful modality known as the “O” Factors


Jennelle’s quest for freedom has paved a path towards enlightenment that others can follow. She is a voice for the vulnerable and exploited, and is unashamed of her identity. Her fearless commitment and determination in empowering others and educating the public about the truth of human trafficking in America today has been met with criticism and praise due to her boldness. While others who’ve experienced that same trauma would use it as an excuse for their failures, she transformed that thinking into fuel for success. Now, her life is dedicated to teaching people how they can shake sexual shame and experience real intimacy in their relationships.

Jennelle amplifies intimacy. Her unique luxury Intimacy Mastery Retreats, get people out of their comfort zones into a space of vulnerable authenticity to shake the shame around sexuality all while connecting people deeper into their Divine selves. Jennelle has created a master practice involving all her training and experiences to exemplify the truest places of human connection, love and personal evolution. This retreat is a combination of all her practices and power to create an exhilarating journey through the senses deep into the essence of the heart. 

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