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Dance Om Yoga combines the spirituality of Yoga and the sensuality of Tantra to establish a deep connection between your body, mind, and soul and explores the four archetypes that are the most primal expression of your femininity.


The renewed intimate connection with your physical form and your sacred spirituality manifests itself as positive energy in every aspect of your life. Develop healthy and nurturing relationships with your partner, family, and friends to live a blissful life, in which your happiness and contentment break beyond the physical boundaries.



I'm an author, mom, entrepreneur, veteran, public speaker, and survivor & thriver of human sex trafficking.


For nearly eight years, I've been blessed to be leading people on several continents into a Divine Union through the practice of yoga. 


Growing up a pastor’s and missionary’s daughter, I felt very repressed in certain areas of my life. Scoliosis caused me honorable discharge from the U.S. army, so yoga took over and became my healer – not only for my spine but also for my debilitating panic attacks and depression. 


Tantra yoga was the vehicle I needed to find; it led me to form Dance Om, where I was able to purge and release the dogmatic restraints placed upon me.


In April 2015 my heart center opened when my son was born, and my yoga practice was the vital key in his completely natural birth. 


In 2017, I founded Beyond Freedom, a nonprofit dedicated to education, empowering, and enlightenment of college campuses, communities around the world, and survivors of human sex trafficking.


After a life changing seminar with Tony Robbins, I was inspired to merge the compilation of all my passions and trainings into one powerful modality called the “O” Factors. The “O” Factors is holistic system of spiritual and sensual empowerment, with Dance Om being a leading factor!


My dharma has led me to travel the world teaching people how to gather their emotional and spiritual energy into something sacred and “Oh” so Divine!


Hi, I'm Your Instructor, Jennelle!

Dance Om Is The Key To Finding Your True Self

Bring Out The Passionate, Lively, Sensual, And Confident You!




who runs her own practice and wants to dive deep into more intimate work...



who wants to feel more connected to her body and femininity...



who gives relentlessly to everyone but needs to give more to herself...



Week 1: Introduction
The Dance Om Methodology

Ancient civilizations - Greek, Hindu, and Buddhist - believe that our life force originated from the life-giving chakras or fundamental elements - Earth, Water, Fire, and Air.  

Enter into each of these elements that manifest in distinctly passionate, primal, and empowering ways, giving form to 4 feminine archetypes.

Week 2: The First Archetype Savage Shakti

Experience your raw, tribal, instinctual, aboriginal, indigenous, savage, and energetic side. Your Savage Shakti is your life force, your life energy and basic instinct.

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Week 3: The Second Archetype Sacral Seduction

Experience your raw, tribal, instinctual, aboriginal, indigenous, savage, and energetic side. Your Savage Shakti is your life force, your life energy and basic instinct.

Week 4: The Third Archetype Slay Goddess

Chakra: Solar Plexus, Element Fire

Emanate a hot, persistent, passionate, powerful, fiery, humorous, and fierce aura.  Manifest your Slay Goddess courage, endurance, and character strength.

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Week 5: The Fourth Archetype Soft Surrender

Chakra: Heart, Element Air

Explore your ultimate heart opening space.  Surrender to feelings of love, adoration, and gentle femininity, as you embrace softness, tenderness, giving, openness, selflessness, angelical, receptiveness, and nurturing positivity.

Week 6: Archetype Integration

Embrace a new You, as all four archetypes - Savage Shakti, Sacral Seduction, Slay Goddess, & Soft Surrender, assimilate into one powerful existence. Be transformed, free and fulfilled, without burden.

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Bonus #1

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Get to the heart of Dance Om here in beautiful Newport Beach, California, where we go in depth at our in-person studio sessions. We will dive deeper into Dance Om's 4 archetypes and more, together. This is where you will have the most O'mazing and Outstanding workout session of your life! 

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The Dance Om Methodology

(How to implement Dance Om Yoga Movement Therapy into Your Daily Life)

The 4 Archetypes

(Dive into the 4 Elements & 4 Chakras)

Dance Om Integration

50% off Dance Om Yoga LIVE In-Person Studio Sessions - in Newport Beach, CA 

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2 Extra Bonus O'Factors Secrets & Lessons

- Organic Nutrition Tips for an Outstanding Life

- Organized Zen Living


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There are times in our lives when we are faced with situations we could never endure or overcome alone.

There are also times in life when we want to reach another level and grow and reach higher levels.

Jennelle appeared in my life and has helped me in both situations. 

What I have learned from her I could have not learned from anyone else.

She is unique, warm, fun, always positive and nonjudgmental. 

She assisted me with growth and inspiration and also was supportive in my struggles.

With Jennelle I began to really understand that by not denying and accepting natural human desires but rather embracing them, it can result in a positive and life changing experience, with benefits that extend far beyond the bedroom. 

Every situation I needed to address she had solutions.

Jennelle has studied in many countries and acquired knowledge that has been transferred from gurus for hundreds of years.

The first thing she said to me was when you love your body you will love your life. 

She went through everything from what I was putting into my body and addressed my breath and the environment I embody. 

Every aspect of her teaching enhanced my life.

Julie S.
Newport Beach Investor

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I’m writing a recommendation for Jennelle Gordon who was an amazing therapist that has helped us with Tantric yoga, and it was a great present for my fiancé’s birthday to help us improve our relationship. 


Jennelle has been very informative and amazing. I recommend her to my patients, and I always get great feedback. 



Dr. Iman Bar MD

Board Certified Holistic Integrative Medicine

Screenshot 2021-11-06 at 01.03.43.png

Jennelle has a diverse background in the healing of the body. She has taken the art of yoga and that of Tantra to a whole new level. For those of us who were hesitant or unsure of what "tantra would entail" Jennelle has made it safe, fun and powerful. In fact, I would call it Omazing! 🙂


Stephanie B. Nielsen, Pharm.D., CCN

Screenshot 2021-11-29 at 16.22.06.png

Amazing! So beautiful. Here’s mine (I’m procrastinating from doing what I SHOULD be doing to do what I WANT to be doing). ; )

I’ve always struggled with opening myself up at a deep level with others; I had built walls around my heart that couldn’t be penetrated. But I knew there was a better way to live…..So I was excited to sign up for the four day retreat with Jennelle Gordon and Keith Mitchell in Playa del Carmen Mexico. I went with no expectations. And wow- what an experience. It truly opened my heart in ways that I could not have expected. Not only did I learn a lot about myself, but I made amazing heart-felt connections with total strangers that I know will last a lifetime. It’s so refreshing to spend quality time with others that share my passion for self-discovery and intimacy. I highly recommend this retreat for anyone who is looking to better understand themselves and what true connection really means.


Mina Teng- My biggest breakthrough in the #DanceOmBootcamp experience is to dance through my limiting beliefs & fears with others. I'm used to face things all on my own, so this experience is beyond amazing for me. Through this 6 week/30 day journey, I learned how to show up fully in my body consciously (not dancing under the influences like I used to) AND in front of the camera, on LIVE, Doing seductive movements that sometimes are very uncomfortable & triggering for me. In our #blisswork exercises, I learned to not think too much of what others think and trusting in the support that I will receive to do my art on LIVE in a much more relaxing way to show up as myself. As you can tell I was very nervous on going live before, but with Jennelle's encouragement I have become more & more comfortable with it.

I learned how to be more vulnerable & authentic and shared parts of me that I never shared before and it is so very empowering. I learned how to step up to lead for Jennelle's beta group which is a power I have been afraid to use for afraid of offending others. I learned to stop playing small & hold myself back, and learned from the support of the group of ladies that it's ok to shine, to raise the standards & up the game. Most of all, I learned how to support & truly uplift one another through this journey. It was sad yesterday to say goodbye to everyone after our 6 week Dance Om experience, especially during this pandemic time where we need to feel human connection more than ever, to have the chance to deeply connect with these amazing ladies every Monday-Friday for an hour, to move our bodies, to cry & laugh together, made this bootcamp priceless. Here is a video I made to express my experience.

Thank you all for playing all out & inspired me to show up fully as all I am, and know there isn't anything to be afraid of.
Thank you all for opening yourself up to grant me the honor of knowing you 
Thank you all for this experience & support 
I know we will all still be active in this group but I will miss dancing together like this always

Screenshot 2021-11-25 at 01.00_edited.jpg

Christie Ko, Linda's daughter, was able to explore a different side of herself and became more comfortable with her sensuality. 

Linda Ko felt liberated and free with her first Dance Om session. She wants to dive deeper into the experience and recommends it to her friends.

George, a long-time yogi, attended Jennelle's tantra yoga workshop, hesitant and not knowing what to expect, and came out pleasantly surprised. He discovered things about himself that he previously never thought possible, and looks forward to more personal and intimate future relationships.

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Daniel Mangena, Financial Investor, Adviser, and Best-Selling Author

Daniel Mangena, Financial Investor, Adviser, and Best-Selling Author

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  • What happens if I can't complete the Boot Camp in 6 weeks?
    Although it is a 6 week program, you will have lifetime access to the 6 Week Dance Om Yoga Boot Camp. You can work at your own pace and restart the Boot Camp as many times as you like, for as long as you like.
  • Do I need yoga or meditation expertise?
    No, but some knowledge will be helpful. However, it is my task to simplify these tedious ancient practices for you by transforming them into simple daily routines.
  • I love it! How do I join?
    To join, just simply click the Join Now button above! Immediately after joining you'll get access to create your login details to get started right away. You can access the boot camp on mobile phones, laptops, iPads and most computers.
  • How much is the 6 week Dance Om Boot Camp?
    The combined value of the 6 Week Dance Om Yoga Boot Camp and BONUSES are over $3,000! You get lifetime access to this program for just $1000
  • What is your refund policy?
    We have a 7-day refund policy from the date of your payment. All refunds are to be requested via email. Any other forms of refund request will not be valid. You may submit any inquiries to

Are you ready to take a step towards your sensual connection, freedom and empowerment?

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